What to Know Before Cruising on the Mighty Irrawaddy River

Known as the bloodline of the golden land, Irrawaddy (or Ayeyawaddy) river has witnessed many historical as well as spiritual events of Burma. There are a great number of magnificent monuments lying along the banks of the Irrawaddy creating the outstanding views from the river cruises. Thus, this river is a main cruising route in Myanmar playing an important role in the tourism industry. Sailing with Myanmar River Cruises is now a travel trend attracting waves of visitors every year. Here is something that you should know before taking a cruise in order to create your dream trip to Myanmar.

Best Time for Cruising on Irrawaddy River

The period between November and February is the perfect time for a cruise on the mighty Ayeyawaddy river. This time of the year falls on the dry season which means the temperature is not too hot and a little bit cold at night. In March, the heat rise dramatically accompanied with the humidity while from late May to October is the rainy season. Because of the shallow water level of the Irrawaddy, the cruises from Mandalay to Bagan as well as the longer cruises from Yangon to Bagan and Mandalay will run from September to April. The voyage to Bhamo will start in August and September.

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Cruise Lines Running on Irrawaddy River

There are numerous cruise lines navigating on Irrawaddy river including Belmond Cruises with 2 lavish ships of Belmond Road to Mandalay cruise and its litter sister Belmond Orcaella; Heritage Lines with the Sanctuary Ananda Cruise; small boutique ships of Paukan and Pandaw Cruises and so on. All vessels are well equipped with modern comforts and conveniences which promise to create the best time onboard of Burma cruises. 

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Itineraries of Irrawaddy River Cruises

One – Two Nights: Pandaw and Paukan Cruises do have the short sail itinerary from Bagan to Mandalay and the other way round. This voyage is particularly suitable for those who don’t have much time to travel but wish to see best of the golden land.

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Three – Four nights: Mandalay and Bagan is the most popular cruise route offering the visit to the 2 most famous ancient cities of Burma: the capital of the last Burmese monarchy - Mandalay and the massive plain of temples - Bagan. Tourists will not only have a chance to enjoy the lavish life on board of Luxury Myanmar River Cruises but also discover the secrets of Myanmar in the unique way with tailor made excursions and extraordinary voyages.

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Seven Nights: Some operators provide the longer cruises on Irrawaddy river with the route from Yangon to Bagan and vice versa. This type of voyage offers the most amazing riverside scenery and also the inland excursions to the off – beaten – paths which can hardy spot a tourist insight. 

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Longer Voyages: There are also longer voyages of 11 – 12 nights on the serene Irrawaddy river taking the passengers to the more untouched and pristine areas of Burma. The popular routes are: Mandalay to Bhamo, Yangon to Mandalay and Mandalay to Bagan.


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