What to Expect When Exploring Hanoi Nightlife

Beyond charming tourist attractions and ancient historical sites, your expeditions in Hanoi will be a big lack without experiencing the city's interesting nightlife. Everything happens at night in this one-thousand-year-old city is more than your expectations, offering you the chance to learn more about Vietnamese people and their culture. Let's point out some outstanding things that you should not miss about Hanoi nightlife.

Full-Of-Fun Walking Street

If you are strolling around Hanoi at night looking for something to do, I’m sure that you should pay a visit to the Walking Street that located around the most recognizable attraction in Hanoi – Hoan Kiem Lake.

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Opened only on weekends, the Walking Street consists of a variety of activities that will not disappoint you. Indeed, this is a great chance for you to not only observe entertaining activities of local people but also take part in a wide range of games, especially many interesting folk games such as Nhay Sap (jumping over sticks), O An Quan (Vietnamese-styled chess). Particularly, many travelers are attracted to Da Cau or shuttle kicking, because that game allows you to both train their health and get acquainted with friendly Vietnamese people.

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What is more, Walking Street is exactly what you need to say goodbye to all the stresses at work as it is home to many musical performances. You will be surprised to hear some Billboard hits covered by amateur Vietnamese singers, mostly college students. Many live-band performances can be found as well, which offer you the chance to enjoy your Hanoi nightlife to the fullest.

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If you are really into dances, you shound come to the area of Ly Thai To Statue or Hanoi Post Office of Walking street to see lively training sessions of young Hanoi hiphop dancers.

Bustling Beer Street

If you are a beer enthusiast, then a visit to Ta Hien Street in the Old Quarter is a must. The Street, which is known as Home to Foreigners, seems to be nothing but Fun. Indeed, once set food in Ta Hien, you will feel the real nightlife spirit of Hanoi, including a wealth of activities and fascinating things to see. However, the most recognizable things you can see must be a wide range of Beer shops. They are everywhere, both on the sidewalk and in the street.

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The price of a cup of Fresh Beer is gonna surprisingly blow your mind as you will pay 50 cent or less, of course, the beer is great. You can also experience a wide range of street foods as well in Ta Hien at reasonable prices such as Nem Chua Ran, chips, snacks, peanuts, grilled squid, hard-to-refuse grilled chicken wings, etc.

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Party-All-Night Bars and Pubs

Among interesting nightlife activities in Hanoi, why don’t you transfer to some bars and pubs in Hanoi to party and chill out with your friends?

Depending on your interests and feelings, Hanoi offers a variety of exciting bars for you to come. If you are near Hanoi Old Quarter and don’t know where to go, you should take a look at '1900 Le Theatre' in Ta Hien Street. As a Top-Ranking of its kind in Hanoi, 1900 not only provides hot promotions all night but also comes with good music thanks to exclusive selections of the most famous DJs and Producers in Hanoi.

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If you’re searching for a less-crowded spot, then a visit to the Savage will be a great idea. Located on Xuan Dieu, on the bank of West Lake, the bar seems to be an expat’s paradise, thanks to many resident DJs in Hanoi, the impressive sound systems and facilities. You can easily find a good spot to party and enjoy the night: at the lobby, on the rooftop, on the sofa, in the hidden room etc.

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Birdcage, a less-famous spot in Au Co, is also worth visiting. The bar will surely delight every tourists and budget travelers by its affordable drinks and services. You can easily fall in love with its music selections of Funk, Soul, Rare Groove, Vinyls, Techno, House hosted by both talented local and foreign DJs. Birdcage opens all night till 5am in the morning, promising to give you your widest parties ever in Hanoi.

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