4 Not-to-be-missed Attractions for Honeymoon Holidays in Vietnam

Home to a wide range of charming and picturesque destinations, Vietnam is never a bad choice for honeymooners during their sweetest holidays to Indochina. Depending on interests, there might be various attractions in Vietnam for you to think about. Thus, we would like to suggest 4 not-to-be-missed ones promising to bring you the most wonderful memories you will ever have. 


Recognized as one of 7 World Wonders of Nature, the charming Halong Bay will not ever disappoint your honeymoon holidays in Vietnam.

Once setting foot in this northernmost part of Vietnam, you will sure be surprised at a cinematic complex of thousands of limestone islets of all shapes and sizes dating back to millions years ago, floating on the emerald water.

All you and your sprout have to do there is to embark one of the finest Cruises for a few days to enjoy your honeymoon at the top-ranking magnificent beach in Indochina together.

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What to expect in Halong Bay? You will have the opportunity to not only admire picturesque scenery but also join in a wide range of fascinating activities together. Indeed, cruising on Halong Bay allows you to approach a giant Karst system of Halong Bay including unique islets, majestic grottos with mysterious stalactites and stalagmites. Furthermore, you can easily spend your time together on the Cruise’s sundeck, where you can feel free to sun-bathe, sightsee as well as enjoy luxurious services that the vessel provides; or joining in interesting activities such as kayaking, swimming, fishing etc.

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Your honeymoon in Halong will be the best experience ever if you guys agree for an arranged romantic dinner in one of the most beautiful caves here, where you will not only experience not only the freshest local seafood meal together but also a magical natural dining spot with candles, flowers, balloons etc.

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A bit different to the stunning Halong Bay, the ancient trading port of Vietnam - Hoi An seems to be more peaceful but always charming and magical for honeymooners from all over the world.

Located in the central Vietnam, this ancient town is a cultural architectural and historical combination of many countries such as Japan, China, Spain, India. The appearance of Hoi An will sure delight you simply because the beautiful ancient streets, houses and structures here seems to stay unchanged for over 300 years.

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Coming to Hoi An, you and your spouse might be eager for merging into the crowds on the street to see exciting Vietnamese folk games, experiencing Vietnam culinary tours in Hoi An local market, cycling together to the countryside and enjoy a tranquil scene of countryside in Vietnam or chilling out on a nice rooftop café somewhere in the old streets. Especially, the tour in Hoi An also guarantees you a scenic boat trip on Thu Bon river during sunset to enjoy your own time, admire Hoi An’s local daily life until the night falls.

Hoi An nightlife might also be unmissable for honeymoon couples when the town is shined by a millions of lanterns. It is the time for you to dress up and prepare for a walking trip into the narrowest alleyways of this ancient town.

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Located at the southernmost part of Vietnam, Phu Quoc is widely well-known for its picturesque marine scenery with turquoise waters, white-sanded beach and spectacular islets.

Accommodation in Phu Quoc consists of a wide range of luxurious sea-viewed hotels and resorts, which offers you the best condition to enjoy the magnificent beauty of the place.

Sao beach in Phu Quoc – the most untouched and beautiful beach in Vietnam, will absolutely guarantee you an amazing honeymoon vacation.

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Credit: Jasper Ong Travel Photography

Moreover, there are a lot of exciting things to see on the island that will allow you to not only understand more about the culture and history in Vietnam but also gain amazing memories together such as: Phu Quoc National Park, Da Ban Spring, Phu Quoc night market, Phu Quoc prison, Coi Nguon Museum, Fish sauce factory etc.

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In spite of not being known very well by international tourists, the highland of Vietnam – Dalat will surely bring you unforgettable memories once visiting.

At an elevation of around 1,500m, Da Lat guarantees honeymooners a unique 4-season climate that rarely anywhere else in Vietnam can do. In particular, you might be surprised to experience the suddenly spring rains in the morning, hot temperature around noon, cool atmosphere in the afternoon and ridiculous coldness at night.

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The scenery of Dalat is totally different from both its neighbor provinces and other regions in Vietnam, which has a wide range of temperate species of flora and mountainous limestone terrain with stunning hills, valleys, passes.

Visiting this romantic valley, you will soon recognized it as a ‘flower kingdom’ of Vietnam including various types of flowers, plants, herbs and fresh fruits, allowing you to taste many unique ones that you will not ever see in your countries.

Spending time together in Dalat city will allow you to admire elegant French-styled architecture in every corner, explore bustling night markets and enjoy reasonable-priced valley-viewed hotels. A motorbike trip with your spouse around the outskirt of the city will be also a not-to-be-missed experience, which allows you to see a giant area of Glassed-flower-houses, and a lot of charming sites such as Tuyen Lam Lake, Dalat Flower Park, The Valley of Love, etc.

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Beyond fascinating attractions for honeymoon, you can check out more charming destinations and tours in Vietnam with Excursion Vietnam 

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