Travel Is Now More Luxurious With Myanmar River Cruises

In 2013, the Myanmar River Cruises was founded and officially established. Burma Cruises offers you fantastic vacations and a wonderful tour package which are full of life-enriching experiences and inspiring journeys. The treasures of the Golden Land of Myanmar are fully experienced with Myanmar River Cruises; from tranquil Mandalay to the legendary Bagan, from the mysterious Chindwin to the mighty River of Irrawaddy, and many other untouched places. 

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The service is luxurious and it is a great way for exploring the other side of familiar destinations and an outstanding opportunity to gain experience about the unrivaled convenience and comfort that a cruise has to offer. Why not come to experience more of your imagination for more luxury awaits you with Myanmar River Cruises.Have You Ever Imagine Why Cruise on Myanmar River is the Best?


One of the things that made a cruise to be fascinating than land tours is the atmospheric condition. A cruise is so unique because you get to receive a fresh air in an amazing environment and surrounding that is totally different from that of land tours. Compared to land tours, the atmospheric condition on the cruise also offers a sense of freedom to nature whereby you won’t have to dress formal but casual. Your visit to Myanmar should be with Myanmar River Cruises.

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A cruise vacation solely offers a great value by including your meals, entertainment, transportation, and accommodation for one mostly all-inclusive price. Compared to land tours, a cruise offers you a great chance to explore your day's sightseeing varieties of different waterfront cities or islands, and each evening, while returning to your floating hotel, delicious meals awaits you with great events and entertainment which have been included in your fare. You won’t want to miss out on this on your visit to Myanmar.     

Affordability, yet with the Best Treat

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The best time to cruise in Myanmar is during the winter season which occurs between November and February. The temperatures are yet to get stifled and it’s always dry across the board during this period in Myanmar. 

The Myanmar River Cruise offers you more than you can ever imagine with their fantastic recommended ships designed just for you. Myanmar River Cruises recommended ships include The Strand Cruise: launched in 2016 and it is equipped with 27 cabins with private balconies; the Pandaw: the ships have a warm and friendly atmospheric condition and it offers you a likely feeling of a life in a lavish private yacht. 

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No captain’s table and no dressing up for dinner on Pandaw ships and you receive a high standard of personal care and services on board. The Belmond: it’s a discovery of an enchanting beauty and scents with the Irrawaddy River sound. It incorporates elegant materials of the Burmese with high standards of décor which offers modern comfort; the Paukan: the ships are well equipped with high-quality amenities and they are individually planned with ideal itineraries which offer you the opportunity to experience an authentic Myanmar River Cruise comfortably. Schedule your visit now!

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