Top Places to See in the Outskirts of Hanoi


Beyond famous tourist attractions and mysterious historical sights, Hanoi does has many beautiful spots for you to discover in its peaceful outskirts. Although most of these spots are old and less-known by tourists, they will definitely reveal some parts of history in Vietnam that seems to easily fall into oblivion.

Top places to see in the outskirts of Hanoi are listed below.

Duong Lam Village

Located 50km West of Hanoi city center, Duong Lam Ancient Village will be a fascinating spot for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of big cities. The appearance of Duong Lam is easily going to blow your mind thanks to its simple features and tranquility that you might not see anywhere else in Northern Vietnam. Indeed, once setting foot in the village, you will see an ideal image of Vietnamese traditional village with big banian tree, village’s gate, well, rice paddies, communal temple etc - Duong Lam seems to stay the same as it in the early days.

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Duong Lam owns a wealth of traditional houses of nearly 1000 dating back to 3 hundreds years ago. The houses in Duong Lam were mostly made of Laterite – a popular soil in Tropical climate’s countries.

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The visit will surely offer you the opportunities to learn more about Vietnamese culture as well as take many great photos.

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Co Loa

Known as the oldest citadel in Vietnam - dating back to 257 BCE, Co Loa Citadel will be an ideal choice if you want to escape from the touristy attractions of Hanoi city.

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According to folklore, An Duong Vuong defeated the last Emperor of Hung and founded the kingdom of Au Lac, then, Co Loa was choosen as the capital. The citadel was built in a spiral-shaped complex, so it is understandable that it is called Loa citadel (Speaker Citadel). In the early days, Co Loa has 9 walls in total, being surrounded by deep moats. At that time, the weapons used in battles wear only swords, arrows, spears, so Co Loa’s walls happened to be really solid, protected the kingdom for a long time.

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Visiting the citadel, you will have a lot of photo opportunities. You can also rent a bicycle to easily move around to see the rustic scenery of Vietnamese countryside.

How to come to Co Loa citadel? If you are near the area of My Dinh Bus Station, it is easy to find the bus number 46, which transfers straight to Co Loa Citadel in every 20 minutes. If you are in the Old Quarter, it is recommended to call a Grabcar or Uber or a local Xe Om (Do not forget to bargain first).

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Bat Trang Ceramic Village

Located near the bank of the biggest river in Northern Vietnam – Red River, Bat Trang must be an interesting choice if you don’t have so much time travelling around the Capital city of Hanoi. As a traditional ceramic village of Vietnam, the trip offers you the chance to learn more about uncommon pottery-making tradition.

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Products in Bat Trang are mostly common daily household (cup, bow, bottle, pot) and objects for worshipping and decorating. The quality of the products depends on different ranges of price as the best ones are mostly exported to many countries in the world.

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Beyond a wide range of ceramic shops on both side of the streets for you to go shopping, you should pay a visit to Bat Trang market or Bat Trang Porcelain, where you can directly see how pottery products are made and even make some for you as meaningful gifts to your beloved friends and family members.

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