Top 5 Best Cafes in Hanoi Old Quarter

Hanoi Old Quarter is widely well-known for not only a wealth of fascinating attractions but also the friendliness of local people. In order to discover more about this one-thousand-year-old city, one of the best ways must be sitting at some good-viewed street cafes to contemplate Hanoi's daily life moving around you.

More importantly, Hanoi Old Quarter simply guarantees you the original tastes of Vietnamese coffee, that will possibly be one of the reasons for your comeback.

Are you ready? Let's journey with us to explore 5 Best cafes in Hanoi Old Quarter. 

1. Giang Café

Located in a tiny narrow lane on Nguyen Huu Huan street, Giang Cafe, which was founded in 1946 by a chef of Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi - the most famous and luxurious hotel in Hanoi at that time, is proud to be the place where Egg Coffee was born.

cafes in hanoi old quarter

This kind of coffee is nothing but a culinary masterpiece – a harmonious combination of chicken egg yolk, sweeten condensed milk, Vietnamese coffee powder, butter and cheese. This specialty surely delights any precise gourmets by its unique flavor and tastiness.

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Beyond Egg Coffee, you can also try other unique beverages from egg such as: egg with green bean, egg with Rum, egg with beer, egg with cocoa, or a wealth of classic drinks at reasonable prices.

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2. Dinh Café

Situated on the 2nd floor of an ancient house near Hoan Kiem Lake, Dinh Café has been always a favorite spot for both Hanoians and foreign travelers.

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Dinh Café was founded in 1990s and used to be a place where mostly students, artists, Rock music fans gather. Nowadays, it is still widely well-known and loved by a large number of Hanoi youngsters as well as coffee fans as its modest appearance still stays the same as it in the early days.

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This is one of the few places in Hanoi (together with Giang Café) you can find the original-taste egg coffee. Besides, Dinh Café also offers a list of well-made drinks at good prices that definitely make you want to come back.

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3. Ta Hien Café

Lying at the heart of the famous beer street, Ta Hien Café (at number 39) surely offers the chance to enjoy coffee in Vietnamese style. Understandably, the spot owns a modest space as every house in the Old Quarter, therefore, if you want to enjoy a 50-cent cup of coffee here, you are recommended to sit on the sidewalk. It sounds a bit weird but this is a great way for you to easily contemplate and feel the beauty of Hanoi Old Quarter.

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4. Puku Café and Sport Bars

At 16 Tong Duy Tan, Puku, not like other above suggestions, will amaze you by its elegant Western-styled appearance. The spot, which is a paradise for sport lovers worldwide, comes with well-designed furniture and modern facilities.

cafes in hanoi old quarter 9

Depending on your interests, you can choose an outside seat to smoke, a comfortable sofa near the entrance or a quiet spot on the second floor.

Beyond a wide range of coffee and drinks, Puku is also well-known for its charming western foods, which conveniently dedicates to every football or AFL fans all days and all nights.

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5. Cong Café

If you are looking for a unique spot in Hanoi Old Quarter to enjoy coffee, a visit to Cong Café will be a great idea. The word ‘Cong’ is actually originated from ‘Viet Cong’ – the name of Vietnamese troops dating back to the American War. As a result, Cong Café, in some ways, surely takes you back to the war time, thanks to its one-of-a-kind military decoration.

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