4 Interesting Things to Do in Hoi An at Night

Listed as one of the most charming destinations in Vietnam, Hoi An always amazes tourists by not only its wealth of beautiful sights but also a bustling nightlife. Indeed, the stunning appearance at night of this little town is definitely what you don't see often, ancient streets are decorated with thousands of lanterns, sidewalk is covered by twinkle souvenir shops, river is spotted by bamboo boats with candles. If you still wonder what else Hoi An nightlife can bring to you, read our following article for interesting things to do in Hoi An at night.


Hoi An must be one of the few destinations you’ve ever been to in Vietnam that delights you by just strolling around its narrow streets at night. Indeed, the ancient streets and houses in Hoi An are much more charming and shinier when the night falls thanks to thousands of dreamy lanterns. In a moment, you might think that you are walking around a small town of China as lanterns and architectural-styled houses can be found everywhere. However, if you take some more minutes admiring those lovely alleyways, you will recognize that Hoi An beauty is also dedicated by Japanese, Spanish and French characteristics as Hoi An used to be a bustling trading port of Indochina, which will surely blow your mind.

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The streets are also full of activities, games and incredible things to see. You might be interested in some local well-designed leather and silver stores to buy something for your beloved friends; or you will possibly fall in love with some traditional calligraphy paintings performed by old white-bearded writer sitting on some corners of the streets etc.

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Another must-try activity in Hoi An at night is boating on the Hoai River – the tranquil river flows across this beautiful town. During dusk, you can see many small bamboo boats and basket boats with candles gathering on both sides of river bank, which offers a lot of photo opportunities for Vietnamese couples who are planning to get married. If you don’t mind, just get on one with your darling or friends to enjoy an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Don’t forget to bring your snacks and drinks and your best cameras for capturing your Hoi An’s fantastic moments.

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As a paradise for tourists, Hoi An is surrounded by a wealth of good-viewed coffee shops that you should not skip during your expeditions in this lovely town at night. Like other structures in the old town area, most coffee shops in Hoi An will definitely amaze you by its old, ancient architecture dating back to hundreds years ago. The old wooden interior furniture and decorations of the shops create a cosy and elegant space to make you feel like home. Most of the shops come with a rich variety of beverages and fascinating fast foods such as burgers, pizza, sandwich and Hoian’s local specialties.

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Balconies are available in most of the shops, offering you the opportunities to take some good photos of below bustling streets as well as admire the interesting nightlife of the town.

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If you don’t have enough time to pay a visit to the local market at day time, strolling around in Hoi An streets at night will surely guarantee you the access to a wide range of street foods that easily makes you fall in love. Depending on your interests, you can find all kinds of street foods. If you are a food enthusiast, you shouldn't miss some Hoi An specialties such as Caolau, Chicken Rice, Quang Noodle. If you're interested in something fresh, you can try the fruit mixture, Che, coconut ice cream etc.

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