Top 7 Things to Do in Halong Bay

Located in the northernmost coastal area of Vietnam, Halong Bay is a not-to-be-missed attraction for your expedition in this beautiful country. Indeed, beyond its breathtaking limestone landscape, Halong offers visitors a wealth of exciting activities that can easily delight anyone. Let's point out some unmissable things to do in Halong Bay to get ready for your nearest visit to this paradise.

1. Cruising

It must be a huge drawback to pay a visit to Halong Bay without spending a few days on Cruises, as you can experience a surprising variety of activities that you have never done before.

Indeed, the Cruises in Halong Bay offer everything you need for your fantastic vacations including cave-view cabins, authentic Vietnamese meals, entertainment and especially great chances to see the Bay.


things to do in halong bay

The Cruises will surely bring you to the most stunning spots in Halong when you can slowly contemplate thousands of limestone islets dating back to millions years ago floating on picturesque emerald water. Undoubtedly, you will have a lot of photo opportunities as well as sun tanning on dreamy sundeck.

Furthermore, a cruising trip also offers a wide range of entertainment including onboard games, squid fishing, karaoke etc.

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2. Caving

Beyond captivating floating islets, Halong Bay is also home to many charming caves that will not ever disappoint you. Paying a visit to any of the caves in Halong Bay, you will think that you’re on another planet as you enter into giant chambers of karst system as well as stalactites and stalagmites of all shapes and sizes. Furthermore, the limestone cliffs and stones in the caves not only wow you by its beauty but also challenge your imagination to the fullest.

things to do in halong bay 3

3. Kayaking

If you are into kayaking, then it’s not hard to realize that Halong Bay is one of your best spots you’ve ever been to on Earth. Indeed, the one-of-a-kind karst system in Halong Bay, the calm fresh water and pleasant weather all dedicate for your scenic kayaking. You can paddle around a huge area or through some mysterious grottos in the Bay, which allows you to discover more about this World Wonder of Nature as well as the development of the Earth’s surfaces.

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4. Cycling

Often featured in the 3-day-2-night tour in Halong Bay, cycling allows you to easily enjoy the fresh atmosphere and cool breeze in the countryside out of Halong. The ideal spot to do the cycling is Viet Hai, a local village in Cat Ba, where you can witness the peaceful daily life of local people as well as their rustic houses.

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5. Swimming

There are a lot of swimming chances during your trip in Halong Bay. You can feel free to swim in the areas of Soi Sim beach, Titop Island, Ban Chan Beach or ask your local guide to swim in kayaking area. The water in Halong is fresh and calm, so you don't have to worry about letting your kids play on one of its beaches. 

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6. Hiking/Climbing

Beyond kayaking, caving and swimming, climbing is also a popular activity in Halong. Some ideal climbing spots must be Titop Island, Thien Canh Son Cave, Dau Go Cave, Surprising Cave. Once reached their top, you will have access to a breathtaking panorama of the Bay.

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7. Cooking Class

As one of the favorite activities on board to many visitors, cooking class surely guarantees you the opportunity to learn more about Vietnamese cuisine as well as sample the best traditional dishes of the country such as Spring Roll. You will even have a chance to make some for you following the instruction of local Vietnamese Chef of the cruises. The Class usually comes with Sunset party, when you can enjoy cruises’ Welcome wine and contemplate the magical scenery in Halong Bay during dusk. It’s time to get acquainted with other passengers from different countries in the world.

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