Some Tips for Ha Giang Motorbike Tours

Located in the North of Vietnam, Ha Giang has many famous tourist destinations such as Dong Van Stone Plateau, Lung Cu Flagpole, Vuong Palace, and Ma Pi Leng Pass. One special feature of Ha Giang province in November and December is Tam Giac Mach flower fields. There are some tips and experience about Ha Giang motorbike tours from Hanoi.

 How to get to Ha Giang:

There are two main ways to move from Hanoi to Ha Giang

- Way No.1: Starting from Hanoi - Son Tay - Trung Ha Bridge - Co Tiet - Phong Chau Bridge – go along Thao River to reach to Phu Tho - Doan Hung, then keep going to reach to Tuyen Quang - follow the high way No.2 to get to Ha Giang

- Way No.2: Starting from Hanoi. Keep your way to Vinh Phuc - Viet Tri - Phu Tho - Tuyen Quang - Ha Giang. The distance from Hanoi to Ha Giang is about 300 km.

Ha Giang motorbike tour schedule

As a province of Vietnam’s Northeast, Ha Giang is a destination not to be missed by Motorcycle tours Vietnam. This province is known for the beauty at many times in a year with many destinations, especially its beauty with the view from below. Here are some common routes people oftens go. Main roads have been built very well; however, motorbike is still the best choice for you to visit Ha Giang. Because you just can see and feel all the beauties as well as unique features of Ha Giang when trallverling with your motobike 

Ha Giang City – Quan Ba – Yen Minh – Lung Cu – Dong Van – Meo Vac – Yen Minh – Quan Ba – Ha Giang City  

Day 1: 

- Renting a motorbike. Have a breakfast in Ha Giang city. You should try Au Tau gruel with minced pork. This gruel is a little bitter but quite delicious, and is said to be good for bone joints. Therefore, it is a good choice for days moving continuously.

- 7h: Going along 4C National Highway then head to Yen Minh. The way is easy to follow, and detailed signposts are available at crossroads.

- Famous destinations:

+ Bac Sum Slope: This can be considered as the first challenge on this route.

+ Quan Ba Heaven Gate and Twin Mountain

+ Trang Kim Market, opened on Thursday, is known for “PhoTrang Kim” (Trang Kim noodle).

+ Can Ty Valley

- You can visit all the places you like on the way, but you should be in Yen Minh around 12 am to have a lunch and rest.

- Although the Stone Plateau begins with Quang Ba, but you only really feel it as you are out of Yen Minh with soaring slopes. At that time, your mind will really be blown. 

- Famous destinations:

+ Pho Cao: You should turn left, then take the center of the commune to enjoy mud houses with a peaceful and poetic scene.

+ Pho Bang: Turn left, off the main road about 5km, you can see Pho Bang, a quiet town, near China. There is a small beautiful village on the foot of the pass near border gate.

+ Sung La: This land is famous for Pao House

+ Tham Ma Slope, Chin Khoanh Slope and many other nameless slopes

After passing through Vuong Palace, turn left and keep moving to get to Lung Cu flagpole, visit the flagpole and Lo Lo Chai village, then reach to Dong Van town. Stay overnight in Dong Van.

- There are many hostels, home-stays; and restaurants with special foods such as barbecue, “thang co”, and “thang den”. You can also have the opportunity to enjoy delicious coffee as well as the sound of “Khen” of Mong people. 

Day 2:

- Have a breakfast with rice noodle (pho) or egg rice rolls (banh cuon trung). After that, you will start to climb to Don Cao mountain to get a panoramic view of the town

- Join in Dong Van market if you are here on Sunday. 

- Get to Ma Phi Leng, and keep moving to get to Meo Vac. With a natural and majestic, Ma Pi Leng is known as one of the four best mountain passes in Viet Nam.

- Have a lunch in Meo Vac

- Back to Yen Minh

- On the way up to Quan Ba, you can will see Lung Khuy Cave

- Back to Ha Giang City

- Have a dinner, get on the saddle and get ready to be back to Hanoi

If you have time for Motorbike tours vietnam, spend more time in places of Lung Cu, Pho Cao, Pho Bang, Ma Pi Leng, and Son Vi…You should visit Khau Vai to enjoy the love stories. 



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