5 Unique Sapa Cuisines You Should Try

Located in the remote mountainous area of northern Vietnam, Sapa is famous for not only breathtaking scenery but also its impressive cuisine. From Horse hotpot to sticky rice in bamboo pipe, a culinary tour to this amazing land will not dissappoint you. If you are still wondering what to expect when exploring Sapa cuisines, read our following post to find out.

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1. Thang Co (Thắng cổ)

Thang Co is a unique traditional food of H’mong people in Northern Vietnam. It is quite similar to Hotpot, but the main ingredient is Horse meat and all of its bones, boiled blood, stomach. In spite of sounding weird, Thang Co will absolutely blow your mind once you taste it thanks to its special flavours and smells. You don’t have to worry about the smell of horse meat, because the locals normally add 20-30 types of herbs as well as tasty spices. This unique dish not only requires time but also great culinary skills of the local people.

Thang Co is often served at local markets or on some important occasions of H’mong such as festivals, parties, and the best Thang Co can be found only in Sapa.

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2. Cap Nach Pork

Cap Nach is the name that Vietnamese people create for a type of pig living in the mountainous area of Northern Vietnam. They are small, healthy and carriable. If you are a pork lover, then once tasting a dish of Cap Nach Pork, you will absolutely want more and more - a must-try Sapa food

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There are various ways to cook Cap nach pigs. Normally, the local people in Sapa put Mắc Mật inside the pig (a very special leaf that can be found in mountainous area’s forest), roast the whole one on charcoal and rotate till its body turning red. After cutting into small pieces, you can dip the meat in chilli sauce, and taste it with herbs – an incredible one. 

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3. Bamboo Sticky Rice (Cơm lam)

As travelling to a country that leads in exporting rice, it is a must to discover its special dish from rice. Indeed, it's never better than visiting this foggy valley on a freezing winter day and holding a couple of hot Comlam in your hands. This specialty is actually sticky rice mixed with a bit salt and water, put in bamboo pipes, grilled on the coal until the pipes getting hot and broken. You can taste it with salted-sesame – Vietnamese style, or with some roasted pork, grill fish, sausage etc.

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4. Tao Meo - The Local Whiskey of H’mong

It will be a drawback if you visit Sapa without sampling the local Tao Meo Wine. The wine is made from the freshest Sapa apples or Tao Meo, which is healthy and suitable with a wide range of food.

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5. Grilled Food

If you are a big fan of barbecue, then all you have to do is to visit Sapa. At an elevation of 1500, nothing is better than gathering around a fireplace in a cold winter night, having some hard-to-refuse grilled food in Sapa.

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The ingredients are well-seasoned and then pierced into little sticks. There, depending on your taste and interest, you will have a rich variety of foods to choose from including fruits, cakes, meat, even some unique specialties like bitter melon, chicken feet, eggs, etc.

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Thanks to some secret mountainous leaves and local spices, the taste and smell of Sapa grill foods will surely lead you to a journey of flavours that might hardly be found in anywhere else.

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