Necessary things to prepare for great Vietnam enduro tours

If you have experienced in Motorcycle tours Vietnam you must have experience. However, in order to have a perfect preparation, you should prepare the following necessary things. 

Do not bring too many things when crossing Vietnam because it makes you feel tired. You should bring clothes, shampoo, soap, driver's license, medicine, blanket, dry food and money.

–Repair tools: You should prepare a car repair kit, including screwdrivers, pliers, small adjustable wrench, spanner, and some common screws, air tire repair tools, backup air tire, pump, a small steel coil, a piece of elastic cord, a piece of wire. With these tools, you can self-fix minor problems or repair with the help of others. In fact, there are many garages when you are on the way of Motorbike tours vietnam so you don’t worry about that. You should also learn how to fix air tire.

– Safety helmet: you should prepare a good safety helmet. It would be better if you use a safety helmet with cover, because it helps avoid wind so you can drive faster.

–Smartphone with 3G & Map or GPS: It will help you to be more active when travelling.

– Paper map: A paper map is an indispensable thing because it will provide the length as well as fuel stations. You should mark places you visited and note places need to visited. A paper map will help you in determining whether you are on the right way.

–Camera: This is an indispensable thing when traveling 

–Luggage: Bring enough clothing for your trip, just need a set of outerwear and 3-5 sets of short clothing.

–Raincoat and jacket: If you have money, you should buy waterproof clothing is made of a one-dimensional fabric to prevent rain to penetrate. You should also prepare a raincoast to wear in case of rain too heavy or too long.

–Shoes: Should wear a good pair of shoes to protect your legs, and you should put a flip flops in balo to use when going to sea.

–Facemasks: Do not use nomal masks because they can make your ears hurt when used for too long. Therefore, you should use specialized facemasks or ninja hats, sold at a lot at tourist shops.

– Body-protecting equipment: There are many shops selling protective clothing for travelling with a low price. Although slightly entangled, you should wear protective clothing to ensure more safety.

–Glasses: It is also very necessary to use glasses

–Dry food: should prepare some dry food and cakes but do not bring too much.

–Drinking water: should bring one liter of water.

That will be all the things you should prepare well for the best trip ever.



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