How to Get from Hanoi Airport to Old Quarter

Located at the heart of the city, The Old Quarter must be the place that travelers should be to experience a true Hanoi as well as discover its unique one-thousand-year history and culture. Once setting foot at the Airport, you might wonder how you can transfer 30km to get to your hotels in the area of Old Quarter. If so, we are here to help you list some easiest ways to get from Hanoi airport to Old quarter.

1. BUS

Considered as one of the safest and cheapest way to transfer from the airport to city center of Hanoi, bus seems to be a great idea. There are 3 main types of bus that you can choose at Noi Bai Airport, which come with different services, facilities and ranges of price.

- Minibus and Shuttle bus: this kind of bus is normally provided by private companies like Vietjet or Vietnam Airlines. You can easily find them at the airport when strolling around or passing by their booking agencies. This 16-seat minibus comes with Air Conditioner, drinking waters and sometimes English speaking tour guide. The price is only about 40,000VND (US$2) and it will drop you at No. 1 Quang Trung (near Hoan Kiem Lake and the old quarter). However, if your hotel is located on its route, you will then inform the driver or the tour guide to be dropped off when passing by.

hanoi airport to old quarter

- Local Bus No.17: This must be the cheapest vehicle you can find in Hanoi Airport, which allows you to experience your transfer in a Vietnamese style. The bus will drop you off at Long Bien Station, less than 1km from the area of Hanoi Old Quarter. Then, depending on the distance to your hotel, you can catch a taxi or take a walk to feel the bustling atmosphere and daily activities of Hanoians on the way.

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- Bus 86: Have been operating since 2016, this happens to be the best bus in Hanoi, which surely brings you relaxing moments after many hours on planes. The 86’s price is 30,000VND (US$1.5) and it will drop you off at many recognizable spots along the Old Quarter such as Long Bien Station, Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi Train Station etc. Another advantage is that the bus assistant can speak good English. He will not hesitate to advise you the nearest way to drop off to get to your accommodations or remind you if you suddenly forget.

hanoi airport to old quarter 3


If you are not budget travelers, then catching a taxi at Hanoi airport is also a great idea. There is a rich variety of taxi companies in Hanoi Airport. Thus, all you have to do is to choose the most reliable and famous taxi companies in Hanoi such as Mai Linh or Taxi Group to avoid unexpected taxi scams. The meter price will be around 350,000VND (US$17), but you are free to stretch your legs and contemplate the scenery of the outskirts of Hanoi without sharing your space with anyone else.

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You can also find your taxi from Grab or Uber as they’re currently more and more popular in Hanoi. It will possibly waste you more time to search for an online driver, but it is sure much safer and clearer as you know exactly what the price is and do not have to bargain.

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For those who do not have to carry heavy bags and stuffs, transfer to Hanoi old Quarter by motorbikes is also a cool choice. You can easily find a Xeom (Vietnamese name for those who transfer passengers on their motorbikes) outside of the airport. Normally, they come closer to Vietnamese travelers and invite them to go for a ride. However, most of them are shy of foreign tourists because they do not speak English much. Thus, you are free to come to them and deal the price from the airport to The Old Quarter as they can understand and offer the price in English. If you’re good at dealing, then you can surely get a good price of about 150,000-180,000VND (US$7.5-8.5) to transfer by motorbike to escape from the stuffy cabins on planes.
You can also find grab bikes or uber around, so you won't have to worry about the prices anymore.

hanoi airport to old quarter 6


If you don't want to worry about how to get to Hanoi Old Quarter, why don't you ask your hotel or a travel company in Hanoi help you? Indeed, once booking the vehicles or services with them, you will be welcomed and picked up by the tour guide along with a private car. More importantly, you will be taken straight to your hotel or any spots you want in the Old Quarter without having to walk or catch extra vehicles.

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