Ho Chi Minh - Phan Thiet Trail Motorbike Tour

Since Sai Gon – Phan Thiet route is very deserted and rough, you should take advantage of time to go at daytime, and avoid going at nights.

1. Why should you go?

Sai Gon – Phan Thiet route with 250 km length will help you gain enjoyable experience. There are widespread colorful wide flower fields like carpets of flowers in Walt Disney fairytale movies. You can contemplate many irrigation lakes which you do not have a chance to enjoy all the time.

This is the scenery of Vietnam motorcycle tours with beautiful gardens of dragon fruit, mazes of melaleuca forests, fields of red reeds along the road, especially, you also have an opportunity to ride a motorbike on a 5-km road of straight rubber trees.

2. How to go?

Get started from Notre-Dame Basilica in Ho Chi Minh City, go to Phan Van Tri Street to get along Pham Van Dong to get to National Route 1A, go downward Hoa An Bridge and then go along Provincial Route 768 and go along Dong Nai River to reach Tri An Lake.

From here, keep going straight to cross the intersection of Provincial Route 762, the last entry into National Route 20 in Gia Tan. You can stop anywhere you want to take photos, to take a rest or simply to breathe, to sight the wonderful scenery on this stretch.

After that, from Gia Tan, keep moving toward Da Lat for about 8 km, then turn right to Xuan Thanh – Suoi Cao- Xuan Bac Street and get along the Southern sides of Dong Nai River (the other side is Gia Canh/Thac Mai forest, the last destination is Provincial Route 766.

From Provincial Route 766, continue going 10 km more and turn right at Suoi Ke Rubber Processing Plant. From here, you can experience comfortable feelings when shouldering through rubber tree forests to reach at Ba Ta Hamlet, just follow the track-log to get National Route 55B (this stretch of road is assessed as a beautiful, smooth one for riding motorbikes). Then, you will start with winding path in the middle of the melaleuca forests, fields of dragon fruit to go to Ma Lam. From Ma Lam, you turn right to get Phan Thiet Province.


Even though the stretch of National Route 55B is better, you would better to obey the speed of safety, do not go too fast or make too sharp turns. It is required to observe the signs carefully when going across the road.

3. How many days for travelling should be rational?

It will be quite tiring and dangerous if you choose a two-day trip at the weekends because of numerous potholes, mud, sliding pass and turns in Sai Gon – Phan Thiet route, it seems you do have not much time to rest but focusing on riding.

To be safer and more relaxing, you should take a 3-day Vietnam motorbike tours. On the second day, you can take an overnight rest in Phan Thiet. On the third day, you will have an opportunity to watch a wonderful dawn at Da Mi Lake, then you can leisurely return Sai Gon


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