Good Advice for a Safe and Great Vietnam Motorcycle Trip

Before sitting on a motorbike for taking a trip, the young should remember the final goal is still safety of yourself and your fellow travelers. The follows are to share experience in safe Vietnam motorcycle trip with the most enjoyment.


Having taken Vietnam motorcycle trips as a rider for 3 times and travelled 7 Southeast Asia countries by motorbike, Mr. Khoa Dang Tran (30 years old) suggested before taking a trip, everything should be prepared carefully so that the trip would be smooth. For vehicles, depending on the trip properties, the rider should have his tires replaced with suitable types, since travelling on sealed roads is different from travelling on topographic slope.

However, it is important for a trip that the engine should be stable, the brake must work well, the rider should replace new sprockets, chain, friction wheel and for forest tracks, it is required to replace new smaller sprockets for a better full for your motorbike.

Besides, the young should make inquiries in advance about the road to go, then prepare suitable devices, appliances, arrange things sensibly on the motorbike so that it can be removable to push your motorbike as needed.

When taking a vietnam motorcycle tours, everyone must put safety on top priority, it is suggested that tourists should take sufficient sleep prior to and during the trip to make sure of safety and perspicacity during riding.

During the trip, if one feels tired, he needs to take a rest, do not ride when being exhausted. “Tourists” themselves also should keep in contact to their families and relatives about the trip, position, so that they can be able to support on time when crushes take place.

The young should make inquiries about the road to avoid and lessen possible risks, also go with right speed, lane and beware of two roadsides. The experienced ones are capable of knowing dangerous conditions ahead such as whether there are roads with slope and pass, there is traffic circulating, it is misty, or slippery which is easy to lose control.

Additionally, the young can learn basic knowledge about repairing so that he will be more active when crushes occur on the road without any repair shop. “You should not enter too risky, over-loaded places, and even you have confidence, you should make inquiries in advance about the road with typical of slop and pass, mist, etc.… so that you can be active in ensuring safety”. 


Taking vietnam motorbike tours at aged of 22 and taking many trips to Northeastern, Northwestern provinces each year, “tourist” Trung Tien Dang (26 years old, Hanoi) shared his experience to have safe trips to Northern mountainous roads with slope and pass.

According to Trung, due to road properties, there are some distinct notes required for the young who love touring. Among personal implements to be brought with the trip, there must be medical bandages for first aid when crushes happen and it is needed to bring repair appliances because in these areas, there are very few repair shops.

However, Mr. Trung suggested one should not bring so many cumbersome things on his motorbike. When riding on sloping and pass roads, he offered that at curved turns, one be aware of convex mirrors and ride with full concentration.

At sharp turns, it is needed for riders to sound the horn to give signal to those who are moving contrariwise, always ride on your own lane completely, do not turn into the opposite direction lane. If it is rainy, the young should slow down due to road characteristics of turning stretches which could easily cause slipping and accidents to happen.

Mr. Trung gave advice that when riding for 100 – 150 km, it is required to take a rest, to fill uppetrol and to combine travelling with discovering destinations as well as taking pictures of mountainous view.

For foods, Mr. Trung offered one should choose native restaurants where henot only can have cheap dishes but also characterize himself as being the natives


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