Best Time to Visit Myanmar

For any travelers choosing Myanmar to spend their holidays, the very first and big question coming to their mind must be: “what is the best time to visit?”. The information below will help you to find out the most suitable time to enjoy the beauty of this country.  

However visiting Myanmar at a specific time is a matter of choice, you can also decide to visit Myanmar during the green seasons so as to explore some other key sites.

An Overview on Myanmar's Weather

Myanmar has two distinct seasons: Dry and Wet. 

Just like most countries in South East Asia, the dry season in Myanmar runs from the period of October through May and the wet one starts from late May/ early June till the early dates of October when the south-west monsoons start to blow. 

During the peak of the wet season, some regions become inaccessible and some close in preparation of the high winds. 

The driest region in Myanmar where it does not rain very much yearly are the plains that surrounds Mandalay and Bagan which is always dry except when the heavy downpour comes in the month of August. 

From basic geography temperature is usually affected by Altitude and same thing works for Myanmar, the hill stations, the Himalayan foothills and the lakes are far cooler than the coastal and southern lowland region.

best time to visit myanmar
The mountains of Putao are among the best places for hiking and trekking in Myanmar

The best period to visit the country is during the month of November to February when the weather is pleasant with less chance of raining. This period also happens to be the peak tourist season, therefore, seeking accommodation might be a bit problematic. Some experienced travellers have also considered the mid-season (either side of the peak) as the best time to visit Myanmar.


The tropical climate is the type of climate which Myanmar in general experience and Yangon lies in the southern part of Myanmar which is relatively warm throughout the year. Generally, the best time to embark on Yangon Tours is from November to January when everywhere is cool with low rainfall. 

The tourist season in Yangon is winter which falls when the Chinese celebrate their new year (around February and March). You can also have a chance to take part in the wonderful Shwedagon Festival which is to celebrate the biggest paya of the country as well as one of Yangon’s landmarks. Many traditional performances and cultural rituals will take place in this special festival.

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Summer in Yangon runs from March to May with pretty hot temperature. Hence, the Thingyan water – spray Festival (Myanmar New Year festival often falls in April) may cool you down a little bit.  

The wettest months is from July to August when the region receives a large amount of rainfall.


Bagan happens to be one of the greatest architectural sites in Asia and most visitors coming to Myanmar will always have Bagan on top of their list. This is also an ideal place to catch the amazing moment of sunrise and sunset over the massive temple plain for your amazing Myanmar Photography Tours

The best time to visit Bagan is between the periods of October till the end of March, this is because the weather of Bagan is always at its best during this period. You hardly receive a drop of rainfall during this period and the average temperature during the day is not higher the 30 degrees Celsius. 

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During the period of April and May, the temperature is always at its hottest and the daily temperature can be as high above 40 degrees Celsius. It’s not always advisable you visit Bagan during this period but booking a hotel with a swimming pool will help you cool off the heat.

June to September is always rainy and the rain may ruin your visit. 


Being the second largest city and the last royal capital of Myanmar, Mandalay bears the high historical and cultural values which is one of the not - to -be - missed destinations in your holidays in Myanmar. 

The best time to visit Mandalay is between November to February in which when the temperature is moderate, about 22 degrees Celsius. 

April and May serve as the hottest moths when the temperature is a bit above 40 degree Celsius. 

Mandalay lies in the dry zone of the country and it features a tropical wetland and dry climate. The city has cooler and warmer periods of the year that are both noticeable. 

The wet season in Mandalay runs from May to October, the dry season covers the remaining six months. 

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Inle Lake

In the Shan state lays one of the best places to visit in Myanmar, the Inle Lake is the major point of visit for travellers and visitors in need of a relaxing vacation. 

The weather/climatic condition of Inle Lake is Monsoonal because this area receives an average of 1,370mm annual temperature and the wettest period is usually between May and September. The dry period in this area is quite frequent, the temperature is always cool. 

The best time to visit the Inle lake is in between September and October when Inle Lake is always on point, accommodating weather and friendly environment. 

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Best Time to Enjoy Myanmar Beach Holiday. 

Beach holiday in Myanmar is one of the major reasons why tourists visit the country. Blessed with more than 2,000 km of coastline with the best stretches located along the Gulf of Bengal and Andaman Sea which most of them are being pristine and untouched, Burma’ beaches are the great getaway. 

Thus period between October and May will give the perfect experience of beach holiday in Myanmar. 

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