Best Time for Sapa Motocycle Tours

Sapa is bestowed with cool weather all year round, which is an attractive site for Vietnam motorcycle tour enthusiasts who love nature, mountains and forests; would like to experience the unspoilt and exotic vista of northwest.

Anyone loving traveling and having a dirt-motorbike tour should not miss this stunning place.

When is the best time for a dirt-motorbike tour?

Spring: Sapa experiences boundless forests of peach, plump and other colorful blossoms. If you want to enjoy the peach blossoms, learn about it carefully before your departure due to the annual weather change. That the peach blossoms may bloom earlier or later may deprive you of opportunity to experience. The best time to visit Sapa is from February to April or the early May.  

Rice season: Sapa has a 6 month crop, starting from the early May. The rice grows high and evergreen in around from July to September and then gets ripe in between October and December. If you want a holiday in combination with enjoying rice, you should make it between July and September. It may be a bit cold, chilly and foggy between October and December. During this time, waterfalls run strongly and majestically due to the wet season. 

Winter: Sapa is freezing in winter. In the recent years, the weather has become severe thus the snow fell. White snow washed away all creatures and homes. It even got half a metre of thickness. It is impossible to know when it snows, so you have to check it with locals there (or with the hotels you may stay at) and the weather forecast. 

Means of Transport

Sapa is a must-see destination for Vietnam motorbike tour makers. Therefore, the motorbike is the best choice that enables you to make your own itinerary actively. You just go straight along the 390km highway Hanoi– Yen Bai – Lao Cai – Sapa, whose road is in a good condition.

Food and drinks

While taking Sapa motorbike tours, it is a must to enjoy some typical tropical vegetables such as white white cauliflower, broccoli, red radish, chayote ... Most special of all are vegetable stocks: garlic, parsley, kohlrabi, chayote... stir-fried with garlic or types of meat. Boiling them is not recommended. However, it is rumored that boiled chayote is the best of best. 

Sapa is also well-known for free-range pigs, which is best enjoyed with cider through night. Additionally, each market features typical dish. 

Tourist places

  • Ham Rong (in the town)
  • Thac Bac (about 12km from the town)
  • May bridge (about 17 km from the town)
  • Cat Cat village (about 2 km from the town)
  • Ta Van village (about 8 km from the town)
  • Ta Phin village (about 12 km from the town)
  • Ancient rock (about 10 km from the town)
  • Fansipan - Indochinese home (about 12 km from the town)
  • Bac Ha market (about 12 km from the town)
  • Visiting China via Ha Khau border(in Lao Cai city)



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