5 Incredible Things to See in Ha Giang

Located in the northernmost part of Vietnam, Ha Giang is the ideal place for you to not only contemplate breathtaking scenery but also extend your knowledge about ethnic minorities and culture of Vietnamese people. Indeed, beyond captivating yellow terraced rice paddies, there is a wide range of unmissable attractions you should put in your bucket list. Read our post to find out 5 best things to see in Ha Giang.

1. Ma Pi Leng Pass

Located on a rugged 20-km pass road named Hanh Phuc (Happiness), Ma Pi Leng Pass is considered as one of the most captivating and dangerous of its kind in Vietnam. It was built for over 6 years by thousands of young volunteers in 8 mountainous provinces of northern Vietnam

things to see in ha giang

The Pass guarantees you many photo opportunities as you will see a large area of mountains, hills, valleys at an elevation of 1200m. Ma Pi Leng is also widely well-known as a ideal spot for adventurous motorbikers in Vietnam, where you will ride along both high peaks, cliffs and abysses.

On Ma Pi Leng Peak, you will be able to take many once-in-a-lifetime photos as you can contemplate the beauty of Nho Que River surrouded by majestic ranges of clouded mountain.

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2. H’mong King Palace

If you are an architecture enthusiast, then a visit to H’mong King Palace will not disappoint you. Located at an area of 3000 meter square, the palace is considered as the most luxurious and expensive building of Ha Giang at that time and an impressive structure to see up to now.

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The building is a unique architectural combination of H’mong, French, and ancient Chinese, including well-designed superstition features and patterns.

Once entered inside, you will be introduced and explained about the wealth of King of H’mong as well as his life and family.

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3. Dong Van Plateau

As the first attraction in Vietnam to be put in the list of World’s global Geoparks, Dong Van Plateau is sure a not-to- be-missed spot when you travel to Ha Giang. 

The plateau is a special karst area, which contains priceless evidences of the development of Earth’s surface as well as a rich biodiversity. There, you will have chance to contemplate a breathtaking panorama of Ha Giang scenery at an elevation of 1500m.

Furthermore, the Plateau is also home to many ethnic families, which guarantees you the opportunity to learn more about Vietnamese culture and mysterious mountainous customs.

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4. Lung Cu Flagpole

Situated on the peak of Lung Cu Mount, at an elevation of 1470m, Lung Cu Flagpole marks the border of Vietnam and China, where the first point of Vietnam’s map starts.

Once arrived at the flagpole, you will have a 20-minute hike on the stairway to reach the top, where you can have access to an ideal sightseeing spot over Ha Giang and a small part of China, tiny roads, villages below and stunning mountains. It's time to check-in with the giant Vietnamese flag to capture good memories during your visit to Vietnam.

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5. Local markets

Like every mountainous provinces in Northern Vietnam, Ha Giang is also the place to find some interesting ethnic local markets that allows you to observe a bustling scene of trading and try some local specialties that you won’t see often such as: Smoking Buffalo, Comlam (Sticky rice in bamboo pipe), etc.

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