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Vietnam is recognized as one of the most favourite travel destinations in Asia with many interesting activities. Consequently, before going to Vietnam, we know that you have many questions such as What to see in Vietnam? or What to do in Vietnam? to have a memorable holiday in this country? Where to stay in Vietnam with best services and friendly staff? Which Vietnam travel tips I have to keep in mind during my travel in Vietnam? Which Vietnam restaurants I should consider to see the authentic flavour of the awesome Vietnamese Foods? Don’t worry! Let’s take time reading the Vietnam travel guide here and plan a perfect trip to the beautiful Vietnam, the hidden gem of Asia.

Vietnam Travel Guide – The Best Companion for Vietnam Trip

If you wonder what are these Vietnam travel guide based on, we will say that they are based on our real inspections to each destination in Vietnam. Annually, we have the regular inspection to update information about the new services and their price, travel routes, new attractions, hotels, restaurants and the most important, what to avoid in each place and what the best thing to experience is. Just read our Vietnam travel guide and prepare your own awesome journey to our country.


Travel brings power and love back into your life.By Dinh Nguyen

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.By Saint Augustine

Life is a journey where you find the love of your life.By NamPhan

old hanoi

Hanoi is the thousands of year old capital with all the ancient relics and a tranquil life. Being here once, you won’t be able to ...

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Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.By Helen Keller

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Oanh Bui

I am a Vietnamese woman who is looking for better things. Working in tourism industry for nearly 7 years, I really want to make something's different. I beleive that Vietnam will be one of you selected countries for the trip of your life if you understand about our culture and know about our beauty. Let's follow our posts on Travel Guide Vietnam and share with us your feelings about Vietnam if have.

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Brian Vu

Being born and growing up with a heart for travel love, I always find a little delightful for my life from my own journeys. I found that the most interesting in my trips is not what I can experience. Honestly, it is what I can share with each other about my experience which may be a good companion for any trip of yours. Just take time reading my articles and I'm sure that you can find something useful for your next journeys. Oh! And maybe one day, we can be companions.

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